Commercial Plasma/LCD/TV Points

Are you a technology newbie, who wishes to explore the visual culture of advanced TV’s.



SEC Group has the best installers who have years of experience in working with plasma, LCD and TV Points installation or repairing systems and making them work. We work hard to provide the best result and provide years of enjoyment. Our professional team can install, repair, or service your Plasma, LCD and TV Points and provide the best solutions for your specific needs. For all your Plasma or LCD and TV installation or repairing needs, call us on 1800 957 781.

Looking to hang your new prized plasma or LCD on the wall and give it the illusion of it hanging in midair? We can make that a reality! We also can supply an aerial point and power point to be hidden behind the TV so there are no loose cables.

Our Services for commercial plasma, LCD, TV points are:

  • Installation of power outlets and TV antenna points.
  • Set Up and tuning of plasma, LCD, and TV’s.
  • Installation of plasma, LCD and TV’s with audio and video equipment.

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