Electrician Ryde


The SEC Group offer top quality electrical services to Ryde homes and businesses.

Our goal is to be the most efficient electricians in Ryde by providing value for money, friendly and professional customer service and superior work ethic. We explore every possible solution to provide you with the service that you require to fill your electrical needs. We strive to build long term relationships with all of our customers by ensuring their needs are met every time, allowing us to achieve 100% satisfaction.

Some of the electrical services provided to Ryde by SEC Group include:

Electricians Ryde

We aim to be at your service when you type Electricians Sydney or Electricians Ryde as we have staff on hand to provide repairs and replacements of water heaters or any electrical services to homes and businesses around Ryde.

Emergency Electrical Services Ryde

Ryde is predominantly a good mixture of commercial and residential clients. Emergency Electrical Services play equal role here. Faulty smoke detectors? Blown fuses? If you are in desperate need of repairs or maintenance of electrical equipment, SEC Group can be there to help you immediately.

Electrical Contractors Ryde

SEC Group employs many qualified Electrical Contractors, individuals that specialise in the installation and maintenance of all type of electrical systems.

Emergency Electrician Ryde

We provide fast, friendly and effective Emergency Electricians for all type of electrical services, even in the most dire of circumstances. When your lights go out you can be sure that SEC Group is ready to attend to your needs.

Residential Electrician Ryde

Ryde has a good clientele of residential customers. SEC Group are available to perform residential services such as installing wiring, electrical maintenance and general troubleshooting of electrical problems in your home.

After Hours Electrician Ryde

Our after hours electrician is a very good option if you are in need of an electrician outside of regular business hours, then you are in the right place! SEC Group will attend to your needs when it suits you.

Electrical Services Ryde

SEC Group are licensed electricians that are here to help you with any of your electrical services needs in Ryde.

Ryde Lighting Services

We are capable of providing a full range of lighting and related services, including chandelier installation, outdoor security lighting, ceiling fan and smoke detector installation.

Electrical Repairs Ryde

Don’t risk harming yourself by trying to replace any electrical equipment. SEC Group are professionals who can make these replacements for you safely and professionally.

24 hour Electrician Ryde

If you need 24 Hour Electrician in Ryde, the qualified staff at SEC Group are capable of handling electrical problems at any hour, every day of the week. We Guarantee that we can provide you with our services within one hour.

Level 2 Electrician Ryde

SEC Group staff are fully accredited to carry out any Level 2 electrical work.

Ryde Hot Water Services

We have staff on hand to provide repairs and replacements of water heaters to homes and businesses around Ryde.


Ryde is a British seaside town, civil parish and the most populous town and urban area on the Isle of Wight, with a population of approximately 27,000. It is situated on the north-east coast. The town grew in size as a seaside resort following the joining of the villages of Upper Ryde and Lower Ryde in the 19th century. The influence of this era is still strongly visible in the town’s central and seafront architecture.

As a resort, the town is noted for its expansive sands that are revealed at low tide, making its pier necessary on the wide beach for a regular passenger service. Ryde Pier is a listed structure which is the fourth longest pier in the United Kingdom, and also the oldest.[1]

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