Energy Savings

With the price of electricity on the rise in Australia, it is time to get your households and businesses energy efficient and cut back on your electricity bill with the Energy Saving Scheme. The Energy Saving Scheme is established under NSW legislation and is a recognised way to help you save on your electricity bill, which in today’s society can be a tough cost to face. The schemes main objective is to assist both households and businesses to reduce electricity consumption and electricity cost.

So why are our electricity bills rising? According to the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, the electricity network has needed massive replacements in terms of the power poles and wires that deliver electricity to business and homes, a crucial and costly project. It is estimated over the past four years the cost of electricity for households has risen on average by around 70 per cent nationally with majority of Australian families and businesses feeling the pressure from rising utility bills. Another factor to consider is where you live will usually determine the rates your provider will charge, with city dwellers benefiting from the lower cost of distributing energy to a denser population.

One common mistake consumers make is not knowing what makes up their electricity bill. An average Australian household electricity bill in 2012-13 consists of; network charges, wholesale costs, carbon price and retail and energy scheme costs. It is recommended that consumers sit down and have a good look at their electricity bills to see if there is any possible areas they can cut down on to save even more money and consider new ways they can become more energy efficient.

With this increase in electricity prices, the attention is now being shifted to what measures we can take to reduce our electricity bills. The Energy Savings Scheme is a great way to do this. The Energy Savings Scheme works by giving consumers financial incentives. When businesses invest in reducing their energy use, energy savings certificates are created by the voluntary scheme participants that have helped to implement those energy savings activities. Electricity retailers, who are mandatory scheme participants, then buy the energy savings certificates to meet their own legislated targets, as required by law.

Electricity is a staple and is something that no modern business or household can go without. This is why it is crucial to find ways to save money on electricity. The main benefits of this scheme are that it lowers electricity bills, you can gain additional revenue from the sale of certificates and the reduced electricity use without cutting the benefits you get from equipment that uses electricity.

According to Wikipedia electricity has had multiple impacts on society both positive and negative. Electricity has had an effect on everyone in the world, even though some people have no understanding or have no use for electricity. Electricity is such a crucial resource, this is why it is important to utilise ways now to better use electricity as it will be around for a long time to come. It is now becoming more important to minimise the negative impacts of electricity on society. Schemes such as the Energy Savings Scheme are becoming more essential to protect our planet, cut down on electricity and minimise its effect through reducing electricity consumption. Why pay high prices when you can save money and use more efficient methods to achieve the same output?

There are many projects and equipment that are eligible for the scheme for both businesses and households including; commercial and industrial equipment, commercial equipment, halogen lighting replacement, fridge and freezer destruction, motors and power factor correction, site based programs, commercial lighting, emerging lighting technologies and whitegood sales. With a wide range of eligibilities, you will most likely to able to find ways to save on your electricity bills through the Energy Savings Scheme.

Please check out the Energy Savings Scheme website or contact us for information on how to become energy efficient and cut back on your electricity bills.

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