Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Services in Sydney

Residential Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances:

Residential Kitchen and Bathroom are the two most important rooms that get remodeled most often. This is Due to the appliances are continuously being modernized.  We understand how difficult it is for you to install or repair new appliances in  your kitchen and bathroom. So leaving the project to the professionals is always a better option. Because they are well experienced and skilled in dealing with these type of works.  Our reliable, genuine and knowledgeable team is always ready to help you with any installation of new appliances by removing old ones.

Just purchased a new oven or hot water heater? We can disconnect your old appliances and install that new electrical appliance safely and without a fuss. We specialize in the installation of all sorts of Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances.

Our Services include:

  • Appliances
  • Splashbacks
  • Bench tops
  • Laminate kitchens
  • Polyurethane kitchens
  • Timber kitchens
  • Vacuum formed kitchens

 residential-range-hood residential-oven-cooktop hot-water-heater

Commercial Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances:

Commercial Kitchen and Bathrooms are built with the best quality and stylish. We design your commercial kitchens and bathrooms to meet your needs and requirements. Our Professionals are always the best team in providing the best service in resulting a stylish and stunning kitchen to customers. Our experienced professionals have specific remodeling tips to ease the tasks and increase the value of your commercial space in low budget.

Indusrtrial Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances:

The SEC Group is a professional company in Sydney, that handles electrical installation, repair and maintenance. We specialize in installation of kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Have you remodeled your home or office? Did you purchase new appliances to install in your kitchen and bathroom? Then call the SEC Group 24×7 service. Our team of dedicated electricians will help you disconnect the old appliances and install the new ones safely.


We offer simple and efficient solutions to suit your individual needs. For a quote and information about our services you can call us on 1800 957 781. Our professional electricians will ensure that the installation is completed on time and to your satisfaction.

Just purchased a new ZIP boiler or hot water heater? We can disconnect your old appliances and install that new electrical appliance safely and without a fuss.

Our qualified electricians can install your kitchen and bathroom appliance at a time convenient to you.

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