Residential Automation

Residential automation features are voice and info networks, protection techniques,



Lighting and environment management and audio and video clip integration. Efficiency is the most essential issue that most customers take into consideration. Our professional team focuses on efficiency and handle installation of different systems for residence automation. Such as voice and data networks, multi-area audio/video, surround sound set up and lights and environment control digital gadgets.

Sydney Electrical communications have been one of the Sydney’s leading residential automation service providers. We provide prompt and reliable emergency services 24hr x7, 365 days.

Everyone is moving into the home automation now a days, well one would say “WHY NOT” With all this latest technology, new apps, latest hardware such as tablets and smart phones, etc., rapidly growing at a faster pace everyday its only right that the electrical system does so as well.

The automation System of choice we use is named c-bus. Gone are the days of the flick switch now one touch can control the on/off and dimming sequence. We are in the 21st Century and should move fast, according to the pace of it. We should be able to turn on or off any light in your house from the comfort of your bedside or perhaps remotely while you are on holidays. If you decide to go away for the week, give your house that lived in feel by putting your lights on at certain times without actually being there.

You should also be able to monitor all your electrical systems and CCTV cameras etc. remotely so that you can see your house is safe and secure. Please feel free to contact us to discuss more about this Automation, its time to move on and choose wisely.

Our Residential Automation Services are:

  • Lighting & Shading
  • Home Control & Automation
  • Home Theater
  • Security & Monitoring
  • Audio & Video
  • Energy Management
  • Networking

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